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Housing Navigation Center

Main Category: Modular Building Design
Company: Pacific Mobile Structures, Inc.
Affiliate: Phoenix Modular
Location: Phoenix Modular
Building Use: Shelter
Gross Size of Project: 5644 Square Feet
Days to complete: 148

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

Six modular buildings solved the immediate need for a clean, safe, calm, and flexible environment that would allow the homeless in Fremont, California to rebuild their lives and focus on finding stable, permanent housing. This project was modeled after other proven modular building projects and allowed the City of Fremont to build on that succession while modifying and customizing the buildings to fit their local needs. As with most navigation centers, the design of the buildings has a strong focus on safety while providing privacy and security in a supervised environment. Three 24’x60’ buildings are configured in a row to serve as sleeping units, while one was placed in-between serving as a community unit. Directly across is a 10’x16’ laundry room, a 12’x65’ restroom and shower building, and a 12’x32’ office building. The building color scheme was selected to blend in with the surrounding buildings in order to emphasize the green spaces, and outdoor areas.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

The City of Fremont required a non-permanent solution so they could move the center to higher need areas in the future and restore the current site to its original intended use. Relocatable, modular buildings offered a new and innovative solution. This project specifically presented a unique problem in the restroom and shower area. Although individuals would like to shower in a private and locked space, this desire presents challenges when dealing with drug addiction and mental health. The shower areas were designed with custom vented doors, a private dressing space and shower area that could be accessed and viewed by supervisors without compromising privacy or the security of the individuals using the space.

Cost Effectiveness

These buildings are all installed above grade using a temporary pier/pad foundation system and modular ramping to allow the buildings a quick relocatable option if the need arises. In addition to their relocatability, modular buildings were also a cost-effective solution enabling the city to effectively allocate resources and operate a proven program that helps individuals stay out of institutional care and stay connected with their communities.

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