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Holcomb Family YMCA

Company: Falcon Structures
Location: Spring, Texas
Gross Size of Project: 3680 Square Feet
Days to Complete: 65

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

The Holcomb Family YMCA of Greater Houston invites the community of Spring, Texas into its one-of-a-kind facility on the beautiful shores of Lake Holcomb. Creatively placed shipping containers sit adjacent to the 12,000 sq ft pavilion covering a turf field and basketball court – acting as the entry point for guests. Thirteen total shipping containers encircle a community space and outdoor fitness center covered by awnings. Three 20-foot units comprise the welcoming office space, and the 40-foot units in the rear are comfortable restrooms and visually pleasing equipment storage. One 40-foot container stands upright with the beloved YMCA sign at the top. The mostly grey containers include a few splashes of orange to energize the visitors, drawing attention to the unique facility.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

The YMCA set up its one-of-a-kind, container-based facility in minimal time thanks to the implementation of offsite construction. Modified at Falcon’s shipping container manufacturing facility, each container received the appropriate customizations in under ten weeks and was placed on-site in under two days. Although some construction took place on-site to create the nearby pavilion and foundation, the use of modified shipping containers helped minimize the site construction and limit the disturbances to the surrounding natural area.

Cost Effectiveness

Thanks to the offsite manufacturing of the shipping containers, site preparations took place simultaneously. The concurrent schedules considerably shortened the project timeline compared to traditional construction alternatives, making the most of the project timeline and budget. The speed of the project helped the YMCA open as quickly as possible – a vital achievement considering the YMCA went back to the drawing board at the onset of COVID-19. When visitors abandoned gyms early in the pandemic, the YMCA regrouped to design a more open, outdoor-focused community space to encourage members to feel comfortable. Not only did container-based modular construction provide a quicker setup, ultimately saving money, but the YMCA also anticipates an increase in memberships due to the pandemic-adapted space created by containers.

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