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Harvest Marjiuana Dispensary

Main Category: Modular Building Design
Company: Modlogiq Inc.
Location: Little Rock, AR
Building Use: Medial Marijuana Dispensary
Gross Size of Project: 2472 Square Feet
Days to Complete: 197

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

Harvest House of Cannabis was in a race to open the first medical marijuana dispensary in Little Rock, AK. A race they would certainly lose if their inaugural retail facility was constructed in the conventional manner. Thus, one of the biggest design challenges was not only converting the conventional brand of their dispensaries to modular, but slashing 6 months off the schedule at the same time! Adding to the challenge were the unique requirements of marijuana dispensaries. For example, bulletproof glass separating the entry lobby from the actual dispensary showroom as well as enhanced security and surveillance technologies. MODLOGIQ and design partner AEdifica, Inc. were able to do that, creating a design with (6) modules and (2) canopies that delivered beautifully on the Harvest brand, met the requirements for dispensaries, and resulted in opening 6 months earlier than would have been possible with conventional construction.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

Close collaboration amongst build partners during pre-construction, the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), and MODLOGIQ’s unique “Build Together” approach achieved 95% completion at the plant and ensured precise fit and finish during installation. For example, specialized security and surveillance features—including low-voltage systems—were installed, inspected and approved at the plant. For the very first time, Harvest brand signature angle was designed to be constructed as an off-site component. Bullet-proof glass windows fit precisely across module mate lines during installation. At the site—a small lot on a 4-lane highway with minimal laydown area—installation was completed in just 2 days, dramatically reducing impact on the community. Most importantly, every aspect of the build met all regulatory, security, and corporate requirements, enabling Harvest to win the all-important race of “first-to-market.”

Cost Effectiveness

Even with the extremely accelerated schedule and some late-breaking changes from the client, the project was nonetheless delivered on budget. This cost certainty combined with the faster-time-to-revenue (6 months) and “first-to-market” advantage contributed to higher overall ROI for the project

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