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Firefighter Mobile Unit

Company: RI SpA
Location: Puglia, Italy
Gross Size of Project: 150 Square Feet
Days to Complete: 92

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

The ISO 20 module supplied to the Firefighter with standard dimensions 6058 mm * 2438 mm (height 2591 mm) is equipped with three external entries. One for the shower compartment with 3 showers and four sinks, one for the toilet compartment equipped with 3 service toilets and 2 sinks and the last one to the technical compartment where there are a 750-litre tank and the general electrical panel. Each room is equipped with ventilation and natural lighting.

This module can be positioned on any type of terrain and in order to run it needs to be connected to the water supply and electricity network or to a generator.

The exterior design reflects the color type requested by the customer. The internal module is covered by checkered aluminum sheet for easy cleaning and to prevent people from slipping by using the toilets because of the high humidity index.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

The design mobile can be deployed to remote training areas or shared between fire departments.
The container structures can be designed to accommodate any and all proprietary fire training technologies. The structures are always equipped with state-of-the-art safety, emergency and control installations for the highest level of safety and performance.

Cost Effectiveness

The effectiveness of this module consists of quick implementation, installation, relocation and practical reuse. All these factors contribute to making it a product that can be adapted to any type of site and customer.

Green Building

The Firefighters module is made with a steel frame and infill panels in rock wool sandwich panels having a thickness of 100 mm with steel plate support. A fire resistance of 120 minutes (E.I. 120 - Reaction to fire in accordance to UNI EN 13501-1: A2-S1-d0).

The use of rock wool in green building construction is completely safe and in accordance with current regulations, environmentally friendly as it is a natural fiber given its rocky origin.

The 'U' transmittance of the wall and ceiling is equal to 0.40 W/m2 K (in accordance with UNI EN 14509 A.10) ensuring maximum thermal and acoustic comfort.

The premises are ventilated and illuminated by daylight, making the most of natural resources.

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