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Corrections Victoria Prison Infill Expansion

Company: Fleetwood Australia
Location: Victoria, Australia  
Gross Size of Project: 68889 Square Feet
Days to Complete: 762

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

The Department of Justice and Community Services in the state of Victoria engaged Fleetwood to design a modular steel cell to precisely match their Community Safety Building Authority optimum internal layout for Maximum Security Single and Double Prison Cells. The award-winning CellPOD modular cell is recognised as best in class and provides a rapid solution to prison overcrowding. Fleetwood was contracted to manufacture 459 modular cells, equating to 920 new beds across five Victorian prisons. Fleetwood manufactured 15 cells per week, which included concrete floors, the highest fire rating standards, beds, desks, shelves, toilet, shower, convex mirrors, and all internal finishes. The scope included service installation back to the service risers, ready for onsite connection. Fleetwood Australia worked closely with Principal Contractors at each site to ensure successful delivery and installation of the project in line with all maximum-security prison security standards.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

Fleetwood have partnered with another leader in modular detention cell systems to deliver CellPOD into the Australian market. The CellPOD is durable and sustainable, certified for maximum security inmates and exceeds the performance of concrete cells on the ASTM F2322-03 Test Methods for Physical Assault on Vertical Fixed Barriers for Correctional Facilities. The steel cells are installed with an engineered concrete floor system that is finished with slip-resistant epoxy flooring. The cells and cell walls, ceilings and floors have received the highest standard fire rating. CellPOD modular steel cells arrive at site with fixtures and fittings installed. The wall and ceiling coating delivers a non-porous surface to ensure durability and hygiene of the cells. Pre-fabrication ensures minimal site disturbance and waste and optimal energy efficiency. The CellPOD design and internal fixtures features anti-ligature and other safety features to protect inmate safety and health.

Cost Effectiveness

CellPOD modular steel cells are delivered to exact site specifications faster and at a significantly lower cost than both traditional cells and other modular products. The prefabrication allows reduced time for installation at maximum security prisons, which decreases security risks and associated costs. CellPOD is manufactured to withstand local weather conditions and requirements, offering a durable and high-quality solution with decreased whole-of-life-cycle costs. CellPOD is highly cost effective and safe for infill solutions at small and large footprint sites, as the prototype eliminates the need for redesign. The design features multi-story and load-bearing walls. Cells can be installed up to six stories high, with minimal design changes, and can support external walls, roofing, wind and seismic loads. The construction methodology has been implemented worldwide for 15 years across 20,000+ cells.

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