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Coburn Crossing Apartments

Main Category: Modular Building Design
Company: Nashua Builders
Affiliate: ProSet, Inc.
Location: TruckeeCalifornia
Building Use: Multi Family
Gross Size of Project: 116586 Square Feet
Days to complete: 418

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

Coburn Crossing Apartments consist of five three-level buildings and provides 139 dwellings of workforce housing for Truckee, Ca. The Truckee area is near Lake Tahoe and several prominent ski resorts. As with most resort areas, affordable housing in limited and projects are forced to balance architectural features of the area with tight construction budgets. Nashua Builders produced two of the buildings which included of 54 modules and 47 dwellings. The two buildings consist of Studio, one-bedroom & two-bedroom dwellings. The exterior is fiber cement & metal siding with vinyl windows. Mansard roofs were added onsite, as height restrictions would not allow these to be built in the factory. Interior finishes included quartz countertops, stained alder cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and vinyl flooring.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

Maximizing offsite construction for this project was a key goal to ensure rapid and affordable on-site completion. It also needed to meet California Title 24 Requirements and Wildland Urban Interface Fire Code. Title 24 requirements meant the use of LED lighting, low flow plumbing fixtures and HVAC/water heating systems for efficiency requirements. Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Fire code led to windows and doors which met required thermal ratings the elevation of 5,800ft and thermal requirements. WUI also impacted exhaust and intake vents, site installed siding & roofing materials.

Cost Effectiveness

Modular is a way to increase both cost and time efficiencies while maintaining design integrity and building quality. Maximizing offsite construction for this project was a key goal to ensure rapid and affordable on-site completion. Shortened site construction time as well as the cost certainties that are achieved through the modular factory for traditional snowy/wet climates like Truckee. At 5800-ft elevation, winter comes early and stays resulting in short construction season. Allowing the majority of the building construction to be completed off-site, allows the timing of the factory and the site work to coincide, which allows for projects to have significantly shortened timeline. The result means faster project completeness, and the owner can start earning revenue sooner.

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