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Charter Homes Crescent Home Store

Company: MODLOGIQ & Providence Engineering Corp.
Location: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States 
Gross Size of Project: 810 Square Feet
Days to Complete: 44

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

For their previous Home Stores, Charter Homes had used prefabricated wooden modules that were not customizable. But the upscale Crescent Community demanded a more sophisticated space. This Home Store delivers on that, starting with the custom steel canopy over the porch that presents a dramatic entry into the building. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the common area and two private offices provide expansive sightlines to the unspoiled, wooded setting of Crescent—a huge selling point for the development. In addition, MODLOGIQ executed a contemporary, open floor plan, custom shiplap on the walls, sealed concrete floors, track lighting, and industrial ceilings to deliver the look of a high-end interior design studio. In addition, off-site modular construction made it possible situate the Home Store under the overhanging branches of the large mature trees surrounding the site, providing a satisfying integration within Crescent’s natural setting.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

To meet the “impossible” schedule of 45 days, this Design Build project repurposed two existing structural modules from MODLOGIQ’s inventory and transformed them into a high-end Home Store. When supply chain constraints made it clear that conventional shiplap interior finishes would not arrive in time, our design team and skilled craftsmen jumped into action, innovating a custom shiplap system with multiple widths and lengths. HVAC with installed at the factory and charged with freon so the office could be ready for occupancy just days after it was installed. Data jacks were also finished at the factory—ready to be connected to site infrastructure—to immediately enable critical connectivity for the sales team. In the common area, the exterior wall allowed Charter Homes to hang monumental 8’ x 4’ billboards promoting the individual features of homes in the Crescent Community.

Cost Effectiveness

The use of existing modules from MODLOGIQ’s inventory assured cost certainty. The project was delivered on budget with no change orders, despite the “impossible” schedule and the last-minute, custom shiplap that had to be developed when it became clear that standard shiplap would not be available in time. Further, for not much more than the cost of a 14” x 50” prefabricated wood module that exudes a “trailer” vibe and has a lifespan of only 2-5 years, Charter Homes got an upscale permanent yet relocatable showcase building that delivered the upscale ambiance and character essential to sales success for the marquee Crescent Community. What’s more, the MODLOGIQ solution has a life span of approximately 20 years and can be reused over and over by Charter Homes. VP of Chambers Home, Tom Prince, had this to say: “This Home Store made a BIG impression on our team. I am looking forward to working with you and your team again in the future.”

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