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Central Canadian Midstream Field Office

Main Category: Modular Building Design
Company: Northgate Industries Ltd.
Location: Cromer, MB
Building Use: Mixed-Use Office
Gross Size of Project: 3600 Square Feet
Days to complete: 123

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

The concept behind this high-quality Northgate Industries Ltd. modular office building was to give it a new design and sophisticated look vs. a traditional modular office complex. It has a pitched roof with vaulted ceilings, a circular central common area with a kitchenette, partition walls with glass inserts, a boardroom with a folding glass Nano wall, offices, and washrooms! On the exterior, we used a hardy board siding to give it that modern look and to provide better-insulating R-value and large triple-pane windows to let in natural light and for site visibility. On the exterior we used a Hardie board siding while giving it a modern look also adds durability in extreme weather conditions against harsh winds, snow, rain, and hail. On the inside, we used mud, tape, and paint finish to give it a warm and quality look. We used a drop-down ceiling where the offices are and, in the middle, a vaulted ceiling to give it a spacious bright common area.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

In our controlled environment we minimized the amount of waste on this project by computer cutting lumber. We saved time and were able to put walls and roofs on quicker than traditional cutting. We use cranes with an experienced crew that carefully places each piece. By doing this we saved time and manpower and were able to move to the next station quicker where the next team is waiting to take over. What's unique about this build is that we added a Nano glass folding wall in the boardroom. This offers a modern design, and it makes the room look larger. We also added a central common area that's completely round with 4 entrances to a full kitchen and sitting area for workers.

Cost Effectiveness

Since Northgate uses an assembly line of factory workers, we can build quicker than onsite construction. Our crews are highly experienced and trained to complete their tasks efficiently and with less error. This allows us to complete more square meters quicker and saves time and money. This project added unique complexities due to being built during Covid.

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