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Carter Credit Union

Company: Black Diamond Group & ProMod Manufacturing
Location: Coushatta, LA
Gross Size of Project: 1910 Square Feet
Days to Complete: 350

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

MPA Systems / BOXX Modular worked closely with the client to develop a floor plan that was as small as possible while still providing all the functional space needed to effectively operate a credit union facility. The interior and exterior finishes were performed on site to maintain appearances typical of a commercial credit union. Store front interior and exterior assemblies were installed to add to the dramatic exterior aesthetics. A site constructed vestibule structure with accent roofing was constructed to add to the architectural appeal of the building and to further increase its look of permanence. MPA Systems / BOXX Modular also used existing grades with reshaped grades to provide the grade level main entry into the building.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

MPA Systems / BOXX Modular worked with ProMod to carefully coordinate where factory-built construction met site construction. A considerable structural beam was designed to provide the generous spans needed for the installation of the exterior storefront wall assemblies.

Cost Effectiveness

MPA Systems / BOXX Modular worked closely with the installation contractor to ensure placement of the modules onto the foundation could be performed without the use of a crane, thus saving tens of thousands of dollars. Additional cost savings were realized by MPA Systems / BOXX Modular’s use of its design-build approach. The entire project development process afforded reduced cost compared to the more common three-step Architectural Design, Bid and Build process. With effective and timely coordination of all projects disciplines the project was completed faster than other methods, which allowed the client to begin seeing customers and realizing revenues sooner.

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