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Campamento Parque Eólico Horizonte Colbún

Company: PROMET
Location: Antofagasta, Chile
Gross Size of Project: 141040 Square Feet
Days to Complete: 426

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

The Horizonte Wind Farm Project required the construction of a camp and its respective services, located 170 km southeast of the city of Antofagasta in the Antofagasta Region, Chile. The scope of this contract involved the development of engineering, manufacture, transportation, labor, site supervision, equipment, supplies, and construction of a camp for 1,200 people, along with all related services (drinking water, PTAS plant, and electrical power generation).

The project is composed of 280 modules for the dormitory buildings (3 floors), and 150 modules for auxiliary buildings (1 floor). The buildings have a total constructed area of 13.103 m2. Construction of the EPC program was completed in 404 calendar days. Architecturally speaking, the dormitory and auxiliary buildings are finished in Mini Camel Instapanel corrugated panels and Isolana panels, respectively.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

The buildings' exterior is designed with steel plates, glass wool and rock wool insulation, making them thermally efficient and thus reducing consumption of electricity for air conditioning.

The design of the wastewater treatment plants guarantees that 100% of the camp's gray water and sewage, once treated, will be of sufficient quality for irrigating green areas and wetting roads, thus reducing contamination from dust suspension. This water treatment solution, unlike the use of common septic tanks, does not require infiltration of wastewater into the soil and therefore does not contaminate groundwater. The exterior lighting of both pedestrian walkways and parking lots uses LED lighting, powered by photovoltaic panels, significantly reducing the camp's consumption of electricity.

Cost Effectiveness

Our construction method of using plant-manufactured modules reduces both costs and field assembly times significantly. As modules are ‘plug and play’ type components, the modules leave the factory finished and therefore require less labor than traditional construction.

Our buildings are mounted on prefabricated foundations, which are transported to the site and installed as a finished element, thus avoiding on-site construction; this reduces both cost and building delivery time for our client.

Because this is a leasing contract, our client pays only for the effective use of the facilities, and thus avoids the acquisition of an asset that will devalue over time. Furthermore, the client does not incur unnecessary expenses such as removal, transportation, and storage of the buildings in the event that the structures are not used again at a time in the near future.

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