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BROAD Garden A1

Main Category: Modular Building Design
Company: BROAD U.S.A. Inc.
Location: Changsha, CN
Building Use: Residential
Gross Size of Project: 32200 Square Feet
Days to complete: 18

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

The Holon Building Garden A1 is a B-CORE stainless steel based high-rise multifamily building that was delivered as a turnkey project with keys in hand after stacking. The modules were manufactured off-site in 15 days, and stacked in under 29 hours. The building comprises 56 standard shipping container sized modules. Each of the 11 floors has 4 room modules 40x8x10 ft folding out on site to 40x16x10 ft, and 1 lift module 40x8x10 ft. Each floor has a combination of 1 and 2 bedroom units, however as none of the walls are load bearing in a Holon Building, the floor plan is flexible and the room module configuration can be changed any time after stacking is completed. The Garden A1 is a classic high-rise with a combination of bay and triangular windows which can be changed at any time. The building blends into the modern urban environment in Changsha, and is ideal for multifamily clusters as building configurations are virtually unlimited.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

The Holon Building has several distinct and innovative attributes: Holon Buildings are built with stainless steel, including B-CORE sandwich structure stainless steel slabs. Holon Buildings have no concrete above the foundation. B-CORE has superior ductility, giving it the ability to withstand strong seismic and wind loads. B-CORE stainless steel is over 30x more resistant to corrosion than carbon steel, giving the Holon Building a virtually unlimited lifespan. The stainless steel used in Holon buildings also has superior elongation which can tolerate load shifts in the building, whereas concrete buildings have less tolerance for load shifts. Turnkey: all MEP is integrated and commissioned at the factory for superior quality control and project cycle management. Being 100 percent factory made, erecting a Holon Building does not require trades on site. Modular flexibility: The building can be repurposed, floors can be added, and the layout and floor plans can be changed at any time.

Cost Effectiveness

The Holon Building is cost effective for the building owner in multiple ways: B-CORE and stainless section steel have an unlimited service life, and being highly resistant to corrosion, is virtually maintenance free. The Holon Building is rated for 3 stories stacking per day, and the overall project cycle is shortened by one half compared to conventional construction. On-site, only bolting is needed which enables fast stacking without the use of skilled construction labor. The Holon Building is 100 percent factory made with all MEP, wiring and piping integrated and commissioned in the factory, which further reduces the project cycle and avoids the need for trades on-site. The Holon Building uses rock wool insulation for excellent thermal performance. 3 or 4 paned windows are used along with exterior sunshades and interior thermal shades, and fresh air heat recovery which all come standard, and which reduces AC consumption by more than 80 percent compared to conventional buildings.

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