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ParapanAmerican Games

Company: Tecno Fast S.A
Location: Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
Gross Size of Project:
95,906 Square Feet
Days to Complete:

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

Tecno Fast showcased its innovation across 18 strategic locations! In the realm of Broadcasting, it erected a magnificent two-story building comprised of 28 modules. Within this pivotal hub, we housed the transmission epicenter, athlete clinics equipped with sinks, a doping control area, offices for producers, security and supervision, competitor bathrooms and showers with complete accessibility. Additionally, we integrated illuminated storage spaces and ticket booths for ticket sales. Our modular solutions were tailored to meet each client's specific requirements! But that's not all! At the Pan American Village, where athletes reside, Tecno Fast also made its mark. We crafted similar facilities to meet their immediate needs: changing rooms, restrooms, and showers in the training areas, along with medical recovery rooms. We were there, covering all essential aspects with our adaptive solutions!

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

Tecno Fast excelled at the Pan American Games, meeting high client demands. In just 60 days, we delivered a remarkable 41 modules, quadrupling our operations in Santiago. Coordinating various elements within a complex schedule, we worked together to surpass previous achievements. Our innovative 7.5 sqm modules, equipped with essential amenities, stole the spotlight at the Parapan American Games. Every detail, including energy efficiency and sustainability, was meticulously addressed. Our commitment to merging sustainability and innovation leaves an extraordinary mark on each project at Tecno Fast!

Cost Effectiveness

The collaboration between Tecno Fast and its four partners - three specializing in assembly and one in electricity - has significantly boosted the company's profitability. This joint effort delivers a unique user experience, offering sustainable, high-quality workspaces tailored to specific needs. Tecno Fast's process optimization involves meticulous planning of materials for module connections and installation methods, prioritizing time efficiency, standardized processes, and the expertise of collaborators. Operational agility relies on precise task scheduling, coordinating truck shipments, and managing module quantities for optimal on-site maneuverability. In challenging areas, designated inventory storage and forklift cranes are used to position modules, exemplified in Pichilemu and Viña del Mar, where Tecno Fast adeptly installed modules on sand, demonstrating adaptability and innovative solutions in demanding environments.

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