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inHAUS by Morph

inHAUS by Morph

Main Category: Marketing Piece Entry
Entrant: Casas inHAUS

Award Criteria

Specific Medium Used

Web, social media, press kit

Creative Process

The creative process behind the project was a collaborative endeavor between Casas inHAUS and the internationally
renowned architecture studio, Morph. Casas inHAUS initiated the project by providing Morph Studio with a concise
briefing outlining our modular system and the project’s objectives. Rather than delving into specific design details,
the intention was to push the boundaries of architectural design, prompting us to seek Morph’s collaboration for
their unique perspective. Morph Studio responded by presenting a design proposal, leveraging their expertise to
introduce innovative architectural concepts. This initial design served as a starting point, allowing both teams to
engage in a dynamic and iterative process. Through ongoing discussions and refinements, we collectively shaped
the design to ensure its viability on both construction and economic fronts. The collaboration between Casas inHAUS
and Morph was characterized by a synergy of ideas, with each party contributing their expertise to create a design
that not only met the modular and functional requirements but also incorporated sustainable principles into the
architectural aesthetics. The result is the inHAUS by Morph project—a fusion of modular efficiency and innovative
sustainable design, born from a collaborative and creative exchange between two industry leaders.

Target Audience

For the B2C audience, the inHAUS by Morph project caters to individual clients who appreciate and seek out
innovative and additive designs for their personal residences. This consumer segment values the unique and
contemporary architectural language brought forth by the collaboration between Casas inHAUS and Morph.
The project targets those who not only prioritize functionality and modular efficiency but also have a keen eye
for distinctive, cutting-edge aesthetics in their homes. The inHAUS by Morph collection is curated to appeal to
homeowners looking for a blend of modern design, sustainability, and the adaptability offered by a modular
construction approach. On the other hand, the project serves as an exceptional marketing tool for the B2B audience.
This includes architects, developers, and other professionals in the construction industry. The inHAUS by Morph
collaboration positions Casas inHAUS as a forward-thinking and adaptable construction company capable of bringing
architecturally ambitious projects to life. By showcasing the ability to collaborate with renowned design studios like
Morph, the B2B marketing angle emphasizes the company’s versatility, reliability, and commitment to executing
diverse and sophisticated architectural visions. The project serves as a testament to Casas inHAUS’s capability to
deliver high-quality, cutting-edge construction solutions for a wide range of clients and projects.

Message to be Communicated

Casas inHAUS by Morph: Your open-door pathway to architectural innovation, where we put cutting-edge technology
at your disposal to turn your visionary designs into iconic living spaces.



Entry Objective

Embark on architectural innovation with inHAUS by Morph, a testament to our commitment to redefine construction
possibilities. As an architect or developer, envision your projects reaching new heights with our collaboration. Casas
inHAUS stands as your trusted partner, ready to turn your architectural vision into reality. Our alliance with Morph
Studio reflects our dedication to pushing boundaries, offering you a canvas where creativity meets construction
excellence. We pride ourselves on being an open system, putting our cutting-edge technology at your disposal. Join
us in shaping the future of architecture, where your designs become iconic living spaces. Casas inHAUS—the choice
for architects and developers seeking a construction partner that shares their passion for visionary projects.

Effect on Awareness, Sales, Visits, or Inquiries

While it’s still early to quantify the direct impact on sales since the recent launch of inHAUS by Morph, initial
indicators are promising. We have observed a notable surge in web traffic, experiencing a 12% increase since the
project’s unveiling. Additionally, our marketing campaign has successfully generated over 200 leads, showcasing
a growing interest in our innovative housing solutions. The project has also garnered attention from reputable
national media outlets, further elevating awareness and establishing inHAUS by Morph as a noteworthy player in the
contemporary architecture and construction landscape. As we continue to monitor these metrics, the initial response
suggests a positive trajectory for both awareness and potential future sales.

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