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His Story Broadway Theater

Company: WillScot Mobile Mini
Affiliates: WillScot
The Colony, TX, USA
Gross Size of Project:
2,400 Square Feet
Days to Complete:

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

When the traveling Broadway production of His Story needed a versatile, temporary building in The Colony, TX outside of the Grandscape mall and shopping complex, Willscot Mobile Mini provided 15 innovative 20’x8’ FLEX mobile offices, configured into one, 20’x40’ three-story building. The exterior of the building was decorated with a custom His Story wrap that served as both a billboard and a front entrance. Inside the insulated, sleek metal building, the ground floor served as the main entrance, ticket booth, concession area and theater. The concession area and theater were connected to the main building through a tented hallway that led guests from the main box office to the theater. The second and third floors of the building were furnished and used as event staff office space. The thoughtfully designed building also offered the same amount of occupancy as a traditional modular product, but with 75% space savings due to the stackable capability of our FLEX premium buildings.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

With only three weeks to fulfill the customer’s need for temporary space, WillScot Mobile Mini delivered 15 innovative, FLEX mobile offices which offered multiple configuration options and the ability to stack vertically up to three stories - a gamechanger for their space constrained jobsite. The prefabricated panels and offsite manufacturing methods also helped to enhance the overall structural integrity of the client’s building while reducing their environmental impact. Likewise, the FLEX mobile offices used in this project are part of our lease-and-renew business model that allows our customers to achieve their ESG goals by reducing material usage, emissions, and costs. FLEX also allows the customer to utilize the same occupancy offered by traditional modular products but with a 25% footprint reduction and a temporary space solution that surpasses the lifecycle of traditional trailers.

Cost Effectiveness

FLEX construction methods involve the utilization of prefabricated materials and quick and efficient assembly, which greatly reduces material waste and labor costs. FLEX also offers ultimate versatility, allowing for almost unlimited relocation solutions and configurations as well as the ability to use standardized connectors and easy assembly methods that significantly minimize relocation expenses and project costs. Built with integrated, energy-efficient features, such as insulated paneling, high-efficiency HVAC units, LED lighting, smart switches, and reflective roof surfaces, FLEX also helps lower operating costs for the building user, ensuring long-term cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The collaborative design accomplishes the same occupancy as traditional modular product with a 25% footprint reduction.

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