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Guide to Modular Classrooms- Everything You Need to Know

Guide to Modular Classrooms- Everything You Need to Know

Main Category: Marketing Piece Entry
Entrant: Triumph Modular

Award Criteria

Specific Medium Used


Creative Process

We partnered with our construction services department for their expertise and understanding of the classroom
procurement process. They provided valuable insight into commonly asked questions and what standards to
highlight. We wanted this guide to be accessible and easy to understand since this is often a customer’s first
interaction in procuring a modular space. We aimed to create an evergreen guide that can be updated annually and
be part of the Triumph Modular resource library.

Target Audience

Customers in the private and public education sector and town or city administrators.

Message to be Communicated

This guide aims to help educate buyers interested in temporary classrooms. We want to give them access to the
resources to help them decide the best option for their specific classroom project.


The guide is available through a download request form via the Triumph Modular website, email campaigns, paid
Google, or social ad campaigns.

Entry Objective

Triumph Modular has decades of success in the modular classroom space. We are further solidifying our position as
an industry expert by providing potential and existing clients with a guide to help navigate this process. We detailed
the key aspects of modular classroom projects, outlining the differences between permanent and temporary,
timelines, pricing, and standard requirements for the New England area. This guide is evergreen and will continue to
be updated as our service area grows, and classroom standards change.

Effect on Awareness, Sales, Visits, or Inquiries

The Guide to Modular Classrooms has created a thoughtful starting point for potential customers when conversing
with our sales team. As a result, they are now more prepared, better equipped with knowledge and understanding of
the process, and able to tailor their questions more directly and effectively. This has led to improved communication
and collaboration and, ultimately, a more positive experience in a lengthy and sometimes stressful process.

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