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Game Changer

Game Changer

Main Category: Marketing Piece Entry
Entrant: Autovol

Award Criteria

Specific Medium Used


Creative Process

This video creates an aha moment about the quality of a modular unit produced in a factory. Once hooking the
audience, the video then shows the key steps of the modular process in a quick, engaging way. Beginning in 2021,
we furnished and decorated a standard completed living unit on the factory assembly line. We shot someone posing
as a resident who enters the unit, walks through it, then opens the window. The window being opened reveals that
what the audience thinks is a furnished apartment at the final on site building is actually in a factory. The module is
then signed by the factory team and shipped. Waiting two years for site completion, we had the same person from
the original video clip, dressed identically, walk from the rooftop deck of the finished building to the front door of
the exact room in the original in-factory shot. The person’s robe enables the illusion of one continuous moment from
finished building exterior, to furnished apartment, to factory being revealed.

Target Audience

General Public and Conventional Builders

Message to be Communicated

When you walk into a finished unit in one of today’s advanced modular factories, you can’t tell you’re not in the final
living space onsite.


Website videos page, YouTube, conference presentations (premiered at SxSW and World of Modular).

Entry Objective

To convey and demonstrate the quality, completeness, and smart methods of modular construction.

Effect on Awareness, Sales, Visits, or Inquiries

The company has become the highest producing multifamily modular operation in the affordable space. This video
is designed to be a part of the marketing ecosystem worthy of that degree of success. It has garnered thousands of
views and lots of anecdotal praise.

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