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Company: Tecno Fast S.A.
Iquique, Tarapacá, Chile
Gross Size of Project:
786,734 Square Feet
Days to Complete:

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

The project met stringent mine operational regulations. Our engineering team designed adaptable modular solutions for climate control, electrical, sanitation, fire safety, and low-voltage systems. Emphasizing modular solutions combined various prefab systems for a satisfactory outcome. Modules used top-notch materials meeting adverse site requirements. Insulation coped with thermal shifts. Double-glazed windows, air/dust controls, and efficient electrical installations were key. A robust low-voltage system aided mining operations. Complex spaces like server rooms demanded unconventional solutions.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

The project met strict mine regulations. Our engineering design adapted climate, electrical, sanitation, fire safety, and low-voltage specialties into modular solutions. Focused on modules, combining prefab systems, ensuring consistent interaction, achieving a satisfactory outcome. Modules used quality materials, meeting site demands. Insulation coped with thermal shifts. Double-glazed windows, controlled entrances, efficient electricals. Robust low-voltage system aided mine operations. Complex spaces demanded non-traditional solutions.

Cost Effectiveness

Given the scale of the project, the manufacturing volumes enabled us to achieve efficiencies in the production process, as the dormitory modules were nearly identical. Furthermore, we standardized auxiliary solutions or modules, resulting in significant economies of scale. The design of temporary urbanizations also allowed for cost reduction in sanitary and electrical connections. A replicable solution was developed across the three fronts, which facilitated and expedited on-site assembly. As they are temporary structures, we were able to use wooden foundations for single-story buildings and create a mix of concrete and wood for three-story buildings. Additionally, the hallway connecting the rooms is part of the module, so during final disassembly, that hallway is fully recovered.

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