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Canadian Space Agency Cyber Medical Program

Company: Corner Cast Construction Inc.
Affiliates: Canadian Space Agency, Baune
Saint-Hubert, Longueuil, QC, Canada
Gross Size of Project:
320 Square Feet
Days to Complete:

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

The unit is designed to be the future of healthcare and to bridge the gap between medical providers and patients in remote areas. The marriage of advanced medical technology with the functionality of the container structure creates a visually captivating and technologically sophisticated environment. The exterior and interior finish is made out of light weight composite panels providing high-quality aesthetic that are easy to clean and maintain. The medical unit showcases architectural excellence by seamlessly integrating ctiing-edge technology, energy-efficient solutions and sustainable materials. The design not only meets the functional requirements of a healthcare unit but also prioritizes aesthetics, durability and environment responsibility. This exemplifies how modular construction can lead to innovative, adaptable and high-performance structures within the healthcare sector and beyond.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

This forty foot HC is divided into five zones; Firstly, the pre-visit triage area. Secondly, the pharmacy and prescription zone. Thirdly, the virtual consultation room with a large television screen and interactive lad that allows you to speak directly with healthcare professionals. Fourthly, the point of care area where the patient can monitor their vitals, ECG-Spirometry, Pulse-BP monitor and more. Lastly, the patient bed and lab workstation where treatments can be administered. The integration of these new technologies within one transportable healthcare unit allows for telemedicine consultations with specialists, overcoming geographical barriers and providing care in remote or underserved areas. This has become a hub for comprehensive and accessible medical services, reducing travel-related challenges and ultimately enhancing overall medical outcomes for the community it serves.

Cost Effectiveness

Utilizing shipping containers offers a compelling blend of cost-effectiveness, mobility and sustainability. The modular nature of shipping containers facilitates efficient construction, significantly reducing both time and labor costs. Moreover, the standardized dimensions of these containers allow for easy transportation and relocation, providing a level of adaptability crucial in healthcare settings where the need for rapid deployment or relocation may arise. This adaptability is particularly advantageous during emergency situations or when addressing healthcare needs in remote areas. The synergy of repurposed shipping containers, energy-efficient lighting, renewable power and locally sourced materials exemplifies a holistic and resource-conscious approach to constructing healthcare facilities, ultimately benefiting both the immediate community and the broader environment.

Green Building

A relocatable medical unit constructed from shipping containers presents a range of green advantages, positively impacting thermal comfort, indoor air quality, acoustics and resource efficiency. LED lighting not only supports sustainability through energy efficiency but also provides a bright and adjustable lighting environment. The integration of solar power and a battery system exemplifies a commitment to renewable energy and off-grid sustainability. Resource efficiency is a central theme in container-based construction. The repurposing of shipping containers also promotes a circular economy by giving these materials a second life. The adaptability and modular nature contribute to efficient use of resources, as the unit can be easily disassembled and relocated, extending its lifespan. The project simply showcases the potential for innovative, eco-friendly approaches in healthcare infrastructure, setting a precedent for future developments in healthcare construction.

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