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Automated Modular Construction at 355 Sango Ct

Automated Modular Construction at 355 Sango Ct

Main Category: Marketing Piece Entry
Entrant: Prefab Logic

Award Criteria

Specific Medium Used

Multimedia, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Professional grade
cinematic equipment with aerial drones.

Creative Process

Our process began with a clear vision: to showcase the immense potential of modular construction and demonstrate that with the right team in place, any modular project can achieve success. We carefully curated cinematic footage of the construction process, capturing the seamless collaboration between Nibbi, Prefab Logic, and Autovol. Through meticulous editing and artful storytelling, our video provided viewers with a glimpse into the construction process of 355 Sango Court, built in Milpitas, California. The footage showcased various stages of construction, including the use of Prefab Logic's digital twin technology and Autovol's robots building the wall panels. Each frame was meticulously selected to showcase the teamwork involved and highlight the strong spirit of collaboration that made this groundbreaking project a resounding success. From the modular setting on-site at 355 Sango Ct., we emphasized collaboration, featuring Prefab Logic's digital twin technology and Autovol's automation and robotics. During the editing phase, we breathed life into the footage, selecting the most impactful moments and weaving them together into a visually captivating piece that engages viewers from start to finish. Employing editing techniques and visual effects, we enhanced the video's impact and accompanied it with a carefully selected music soundtrack, creating an atmosphere that enhances the viewing experience and draws viewers deeper into the story. To honor the contributions of some team members involved, we featured their team photos and included credits for their efforts. It was crucial to highlight the power of teamwork. We blended these elements into a cohesive and inspiring showcase of modular construction's potential. Our aim was to inspire and ignite the imagination of developers, encouraging them to embrace the modular approach for their own projects. The final video was meticulously polished and perfected down to the smallest detail. We then shared our creation to inspire, challenge preconceived notions, and spark renewed interest in modular construction.

Target Audience

Developers with reservations or uncertainties about modular construction or a developer exploring the use of
modular construction for upcoming projects.

Message to be Communicated

The message communicated through our video entry is powerful and impactful. It showcases the decision of Nibbi, an industry powerhouse embracing modular construction because of the numerous benefits it brings. By demonstrating the collaboration of skilled craftsmanship and modern technology, specifically robotics, in building modular homes with exceptional precision, we convey the message that modular construction represents the future of the industry taken further through the integration of robotics. The video demonstrates that even established industry players like Nibbi recognize the advantages of modular construction and have chosen to adopt it for their projects. This conveys a strong message to potential leads and developers considering modular construction, instilling confidence and motivation in their decision-making process. The collaboration showcased in the video symbolizes a shift in construction practices, illustrating how the combination of robots and human expertise can elevate productivity, efficiency, and quality. The precision and speed exhibited in the construction process serve as a testament to the advancements and potential within the modular construction industry. Ultimately, the message communicated through our video entry is that modular construction is a game-changer. It offers significant benefits, such as reduced construction timelines, and cost savings making it an appealing choice for developers and industry professionals alike. We aim to inspire and encourage others to embrace modular construction, driving innovation and reshaping the future of the construction industry.


LinkedIn, YouTube, Trade Show,, Newsletter Database, Various Social Media Channels

Entry Objective

The objective of our entry is to raise brand awareness, engage potential leads who may have been skeptical about
modular construction, and connect with developers who are on the verge of embracing modular construction for
their next project. Our video aims to inspire and motivate these developers, providing them with the confidence
and motivation to choose modular construction for their upcoming projects. Through the video, we showcase
the achievement and collaboration of three key industry players - Nibbi, Autovol, and Prefab Logic. This modular
construction project holds significant importance as it marks Nibbi’s first venture of this scale since 1970, after 53
years. Moreover, the video highlights the success of the project, and the seamless collaboration and teamwork
between Prefab Logic, Nibbi, and Autovol, which has resulted in a resounding success. The project’s success has had
such a significant impact that Nibbi has decided to pursue more modular projects in the future. By sharing the pride
and satisfaction we all experienced throughout the project, our goal is to inspire developers who are on the verge of
embracing modular construction for their next project.

Effect on Awareness, Sales, Visits, or Inquiries

Our LinkedIn post showcasing the potential of modular construction had an impact on raising industry awareness,
reaching thousands of viewers, and generating a flood of positive comments and messages in our inboxes
speaking to the power of the message. One comment, in particular, stood out, reflecting the effectiveness of our
communicated message about teamwork and the inspiration it achieved: “Exceptional video! Great example of
good things that happen when an experienced team all work together. Glad to be a part of it.” This recognition of
collaboration’s power and positive influence reaffirmed the strength of our project. Another comment expressed
excitement, stating “Wonderful to see all the innovation and progress over the years! Nice work team. Would love to
collaborate on another project sometime.” This response not only demonstrated the enthusiasm it generated but also
highlighted the potential for additional future partnerships. Additionally, we received heartfelt emails from current
clients who were inspired and motivated.

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