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Modular construction offers many benefits

that traditional construction methods lack. Many benefits of modular construction flow from the innovative methods and production process that is unique to offsite construction. Here are five reasons to choose modular construction for your next project.


Modular is Faster

The modular model lends itself to a more streamlined process which makes for a faster timeline. Time allocations for onsite assembly are cut, preventing extended disturbance of the site and surrounding neighborhood. Efficiency is optimized due to the fact that modular components are fabricated with electrical, plumbing and other elements being installed simultaneously. Imagine what you could do with the extra time! Buildings can be occupied quite quickly compared to traditionally-constructed buildings. This can lead to a quicker return on investment and greater value all around.


Modular Creates Less Waste

Due to the streamlined process and the controlled environment, modular construction gives users more opportunities for recycling. The repetitive nature of modular production lends itself to more effective use of resources. Because modular construction takes place in a centralized location, transportation is optimized without costly trips and errands. This means less traffic on the roads! Modular construction is certainly the greener option! The environmental benefits of modular construction are widely recognized.

Modular Addresses Labor Issues

As the construction industry’s skilled laborers age, there are fewer qualified professionals to replace them. Many companies are already facing labor shortages due to the lack of a sufficiently skilled workforce. Modular construction has the ability to utilize labor effectively due to the efficient production model. As skilled labor grows more “scarce”, the efficiency of modular construction will continue to benefit the construction industry at large. The modular model makes the most of the available labor and furthermore manages to create incredible value while doing so.

Modular is Cost-Effective

Traditional construction can be incredibly wasteful. Whether it’s materials, funds or time, traditional methods often drain resources unnecessarily. The carefully prepared and efficiently executed modular model reduces these wasteful expenditures. With modular construction there is a level of cost certainty that traditional construction isn’t privilege to. This cost certainty and resourcefulness increases value for those who utilize the modular method.

Modular Utilizes a Controlled Environment

Factories and manufacturing plants can be controlled in a way that onsite construction areas just can’t be.

This brings a lot of benefits. The quality of materials can be more easily maintained, which reduces waste. The building, materials, and crew members are not exposed to the weather elements, which increases safety and productivity. A controlled environment brings consistency to an industry notorious for inconsistency. The simple benefit of being free from weather-related concerns is considerable. Modular projects enjoy stability in terms of time and materials due to the amount of control that the model makes possible.

Modular construction increases productivity and value for manufacturers, builders, and end-users alike. If you’re interested in using modular construction for your next project, get estimates from Modular Building Institute members.


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