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American Institute of Architects Introduces "Design for Modular Construction" Resource

New design and construction approaches are changing modular construction’s previously bad reputation for limiting architect’s design creativity. When done thoughtfully—through early collaboration with fabricators—architects can create unique designs that address a range of client needs with modular construction.


From quality and safety to schedule efficiency and sustainability, modular building has a lot to offer owners and project teams. Learn more about the variety of benefits of modular construction with the new AIA Modular and Off-Site Construction Guide.


The Modular and Off-Site Construction Guide serves as a primer on the modular approach for architects. It includes value and opportunities of modular design, pitfalls designers should be wary of, and case studies that exemplify successes and obstacles.


The document was a collaboration between AIA and the National Institute of Building Sciences Offsite Construction Council, currently chaired by MBI Executive Director Tom Hardiman.


The resource is available to download at


This article originally appeared in the Modular Advantage Magazine - Second Quarter 2019 released in May 2019.