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Relocatable Buildings:
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Permanent Commercial Housing

Modular Passive House Dorm Drastically Lowers Energy Consumption for University 

From single dormitories to complete campuses, permanent modular construction offers public, private, and charter schools what other construction methods cannot: accelerated project timelines, more economical pricing, and less disruption. Permanent, modular student housing is indistinguishable from other school buildings and can be constructed to any architectural and customer specifications. MBI members design and build student dorms of all types and sizes using traditional building materials like wood, steel, and concrete. Virtually any size permanent student housing facility can be built, installed, and ready for occupancy, some in as little as 90 days.

Whistler Athletes' Village Lodge by Britco Structures. Case study here.

The Modules at TempleTown. Click here for more info.
(Left) courtesy Sam Oberter Photography (right) courtesy ISA.

Chilliwack Social Housing by Britco Structures. Case study here.

Dutchess Community College by Deluxe Building Systems. Case study here.


Cornell University Graduate Student Coal Yard Apartments by Champion Commercial Structures. Case study here.

Modular construction delivers model for New York Housing in record time
A 65-unit supportive housing facility in Brooklyn, N.Y., was completed in record time using modular
construction with six stories set in just 12 days - Read Article here.


Appalachian State University Dormitory's by Hunter Saak. Case study

Spring Creek Nehemiah Affordable Housing in Brooklyn, NY. By Capsys Corp. Read Article.

Caldwell College's Dominican Hall Dorms by Deluxe Buildings Systems, Inc.

Bryn Athyn College by NRB, Inc. Case study here.



Military Barracks

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) was tasked to find ways to streamline its acquisition and construction processes in order to reduce costs and speed up overall delivery of projects, while at the same time providing quality facilities. Over the past few years, modular contractors have been successful at completing over 10 million square feet of facilities for the Corps, specifically administrative facilities and troop housing.

Fort Hood by Clayton Building Solutions. Case Study here.


Multi-Family Residential

Modular construction offers the ability to provide condominiums, apartment complexes, even hotels in almost half the time as traditional, site built construction methods. More and more cities and countries are turning to modular construction methods to deliver much-needed housing that is more cost-effective and more eco-friendly due to reduced waste and in-factory processes.

By Deluxe Building Systems Inc.