Research, Whitepapers, & Studies

Guide to Architectural Design in Modular Construction

Safe Use & Compliance of ISO Shipping Containers For Use as Buildings & Building Components

Saving Time with Modular Bathroom Pods

Off-Site and Modular Construction Explained

Off-Site in Healthcare: Christ Hospital Joint and Spine Center

Off-Site Studies Research Report: Permanent Modular Construction | Process, Practice, Performance

The Economic & Financial Performance of Relocatable Buildings in the U.S. Modular Building Industry

McGraw-Hill Research Shows Modular Increases Construction Productivity

MBIEF White Paper: Modular Building & the USGBC's LEED Version 3.0 2009 Building Rating System

MBIEF White Paper: Improving Construction Efficiency & Productivity with Modular Construction

National Institute for Standards and Technology and National Research Council: Advancing the Competitiveness and Efficiency of the U.S. Construction Industry

National Institute for Standards and Technology: Metrics and Tools for Measuring Construction Productivity: Technical and Empirical Considerations

Construction Users Roundtable: Pre-Assembly Perks: Discover Why Modularization Works

Construction Industry Institute: Prefabrication, Preassembly, Modularization, and Offsite Fabrication in Industrial Construction: A Framework for Decision-Making

Journal of Construction Engineering and Management: Relative Productivity in the AEC Industries in the United States for On-site Activities

Journal of Construction Engineering and Management: Partial Factor Productivity and Equipment Technology Change at Activity Level in U.S. Construction Industry

Center for Construction Industry Studies at University of Texas at Austin:
Prefabrication and Preassembly Trends and Effects on the Construction Workforce

WRAP: Current Practices and Future Potential in Modern Methods of Construction

WRAP: Designing Out Waste: A design team guide for buildings

USGBC White Paper: Planning for Construction Waste

USGBC LEED for Homes Rating System

FEMA: Building Performance: Hurricane Andrew in Florida


North Ridge CO2 Analysis Report: Comparison between Modular and On-Site Construction