Industry Analysis

Commercial Modular Construction Report

MBI gathers and distributes statistical information on a quarterly basis about the size and growth of the commercial modular construction industry. This report has become the leading source of information on the industry and is used world-wide by investment firms, banks, the media, researchers, consultants and students. Contents include:
  • General Industry Description

  • Floors Shipped

  • Gross Sales

  • Sales by Market Segment

  • Dealer Gross Revenue

  • Lease Fleet Composition

  • Sale of Used Units

  • Industry Manufacturing Data

  • Industry Estimates

  • Visuals of Contemporary Modular Buildings

Written in a concise fact-filled manner, these surveys pack a wealth of information. You can put your finger on the pulse of the industry. Or if you prefer, witness the history of commercial modular construction with an archive of previous results.

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