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Modular Advantage Magazine

In each bi-monthly issue, Modular Advantage Magazine explores a specific modular construction topic and features interviews and articles along with industry news, updates from the Modular Building Institute and its members, modular case studies, and upcoming industry events.

While printed copies are mailed free to MBI members, we have partnered with PBC Today and BD+C magazines to send free electronic copies to 300,000+ industry professionals around the world, including architects, engineers, developers, and general contractors in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Featured Articles

2022 MBI modular construction Awards of Distinction winners
2022 MBI modular construction Awards of Distinction winners

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Past Articles

Mobile Hospitals: Lessons Learned During COVID

For this article, we caught up with
two modular manufacturers — one large, one small — who shared their experiences manufacturing mobile hospitals during the pandemic, and how those experiences have shaped
their ability to respond to future emergencies.

The Growth of Remote Virtual Inspections

Using the remote virtual inspection process, NTA inspectors can monitor a variety of MEP systems and other important procedures.

FRAMECAD: Innovating for Faster Construction and Better Built Environments

FRAMECAD® has spent the past 30 years developing, innovating, and refining its cold-formed steel (CFS) construction system.

B-CORE: The Modern Material from BROAD

BROAD’s B-CORE modular building material is composed of two stainless steel plates with a customizable array of stainless steel tubes fused between them. And the possibilities are endless.

Warming Up to Snowflake Manufacturing

It’s no simple matter to design a machine that will work for a specific manufacturer. But Brave Control Solutions has big ideas.

Robots are the Future of Modular Construction

Learn how Idaho-based modular manufacturer Autovol is making use of its robots–and its people–to meet the demand for modular housing.

Fabricating the Tesla Model S of the Modular Industry

Chris Waters of Z Modular talks about how the Chicago-based company started & how it’s innovating in the modular construction industry.

Industrializing Modular Construction With Pop-Up Factories

Xavier Jaffray of France’s LECO describes his company’s use of pop-up factories to manufacture modular buildings where they’re needed.

Pivagroup-Specialized Windows, Doors and Panels for the Global Modular Industry

Understanding how modular construction works around the world is what drives the development of PivaGroup’s products. Learn about their products and processes.

Everything From State-of-the-Art Mining Camps to High-End Vacation Homes

These days, about 50% of Tecno Fast’s revenue is from sales, 50% from rentals. The company rents out space for offices, schools, and hospitals, as well as for various industrial and commercial applications; it’s now the biggest modular rental company in Chile, Peru, and Columbia.

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