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New Generation of Relocatable Classrooms, Triumph Modular.

Relocatable buildings have become a critical factor in managing student demographics and increasing enrollments. Relocatable classrooms are also ideal for swing space during new construction or renovation. Convenient, flexible, cost-effective temporary buildings can be delivered and operational in as little as 24 hours. These classrooms are measured for quality and code compliance by state or third-party agencies through routine and random inspections, testing, and certification services. 

Customers may choose single classrooms or arrange multiple buildings in clusters to create a campus feel. MBI members supply steps, decks, ramps, and even furniture. Members also offer lease, purchase and lease-to-purchase financing for a variety of public and private school needs. These classrooms are sometimes referred to as temporary, portable, or mobile classrooms.

School districts across North America are collectively the largest owners of relocatable classrooms, with about 180,000.  California schools own close to 90,000 units; Texas schools own about 20,000; and Florida schools own about 17,000. Typically, larger school districts with high growth are more likely to own the units, which explains why California, Texas and Florida have so many. States like Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland own and operate about 3,000 each.

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