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LIVE WEBINAR: Introduction to Commercial Modular Construction

May 20-22, 2020 – Daily 9am to 11am Eastern Time
May 27-29, 2020 – Daily 9am to 11am Pacific Time (12pm to 2pm Eastern Time)

*** SOLD OUT ***

While commercial modular construction represents only three percent of overall commercial construction, this building method remains one of the most interesting and misunderstood, dating back to Egypt’s Great Pyramids. Advances in technology and trends, however, have made modular construction an extremely flexible and efficient process in today’s environmentally-conscious market, where up to 90% of a building is constructed in a quality-controlled factory using traditional building materials, then shipped to a final destination and assembled to form a seamless building.

Regardless of industry experience, every person interested or involved in permanent modular construction or relocatable buildings should participate in this live webinar. Developed by MBI and Sandler Training in response to the need for industry-specific training in a live online format, this course is delivered in order of a successful modular building project from start to finish.

Participants will learn principles of selling, how to qualify a customer, project delivery methods, fundamentals of teamwork, who the key players are, common design considerations, common building materials used, site considerations, site supervision, and methods of installing and finishing a modular building.

Comparisons are made between modular construction and traditional site-built construction, while webinar resources are designed to help attendees understand terminology and concepts of commercial modular building.

Designed for Anyone

This course has been designed for sales professionals, branch managers, project managers, manufacturers, traditional contractors, subcontractors, set & finish crews, estimators, architects & engineers, materials suppliers, owners & developers, quality-control staff, and more.

Free Textbook!

A free copy of the MBI textbook called “Introduction to Commercial Modular Construction” will be mailed to you upon registering.

Day 1 (May 20 or 27)

Types of Construction
Project Delivery Methods
The Modular Building Process
Pros & Cons of Modular Construction

Key Players
Qualifying Clients
Professional Sales

Day 2 (May 21 or 28)

Site Evaluation
Design Considerations
Scope of Work
Building Codes
Green Building

Bid Process
Construction Documents
Insurance & Bonding

Day 3 (May 22 or 29)

Post-Award Project Administration
Supply Chain Management
Quality Control and Assurance

Safety Programs & Standards
Personal & Fall Protection
Tools, Machinery, & Heavy Equipment


US$775 for MBI Members
US$975 for Non-members

Pricing includes access to the live webinars as well as an official printed copy of the MBI textbook called “Introduction to Commercial Modular Construction.” The book will mailed to your shipping address provided when registering for the course.

Technical Requirements

After registering, Sandler Training will email you detailed instructions on how to participate in the webinars. On the days and times of the webinars, you will need access to a computer or mobile device, web browser, and high speed internet for two hours.

Cancellations & Substitutions

Full refunds will be provided for cancellations received through May 15, 2020. No-charge substitutions from the same company are encouraged. Attendees that fail to participate without notifying MBI will be responsible for the full price.

About the Instructor

Michael Aldrich, Modular Industry Veteran & Sales Training Expert

Mike Aldrich worked in commercial modular construction for 15 years serving Williams Scotsman in several roles including Director of Commercial Excellence, Director of Inside Sales, and Sales Manager. Prior to that, Mike was Director of Sales & Marketing at Southeast Modular Manufacturing and as also West Divisional Sales Director at Resun Leasing. In 2018, Mike started his own business and opened a sales training center in Orlando, Florida where he now works with multiple industries, companies, and organizations around the world and focuses specifically on implementing sales & marketing programs for the purpose of driving revenues. Mike is an enthusiastic, solutions-focused leader, with the knowledge and expertise to help organizations set and exceed their most challenging goals through practical, proven, and experience-based training programs and methodologies.

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