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Revenue & Market Share

This report provides estimates of PMC market share from 2015 to 2018 for sub-segments that frequently utilize PMC techniques.


In estimating the overall North American market share for commercial modular construction, it is necessary to make a series of calculations and adjustments to more accurately compare to a baseline figure.

MBI uses data from Construct Connect Insights (formerly Reed Construction Data) as its baseline measurement for new construction starts in the key markets previously mentioned. As new construction starts can be volatile year-over-year, MBI uses a three-year average for new construction starts.

MBI obtains revenue and production data from its manufacturer base to determine the average (mean) revenue per manufacturer. That number is then multiplied by the total number of North American manufacturers engaged (or partially engaged) in permanent modular construction projects (PMC).

The industry’s revenue survey generated 53 total responses, with the overall modular building industry presumed to encompass 252 firms. For the average building project using PMC technologies, the modular construction team supplies approximately 55 percent of the total value of the project put in place. This was determined by reviewing nearly 200 projects in our database over the past four years. Consequently, to obtain the value of projects using PMC, these revenues have been multiplied by the ratio 1/0.55.

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For 2018, MBI collected data from 53 manufacturers engaged in PMC in North America. The overall average revenue of these manufacturers was $19,615349, up from $15,897,021 in 2017.

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When scaled by 1/0.55, the total value of modular building construction projects for 2018 can be estimated at $8,987,396,269 up from approximately $7.2 billion in 2017.

Rendering these statistical adjustments results in an estimate that PMC technologies drove about $8.9 billion in construction activity in 2018. Because the value of construction starts can be incredibly volatile from year-to-year, MBI uses a three year moving average of industry activity to estimate PMC market share.

Based on a combination of industry survey data and data characterizing construction starts, projects using PMC technologies accounted for 3.67 percent of the value of commercial construction starts in the key North American segments that serve as the focus of this report.

Separating the market share by country we have determined that for Canada, the average revenue by manufacturer was approximately $11,012,676. Using the same market share calculations, this equates to approximately 3.6 percent of all new construction starts.

Removing Canadian companies from the calculation increases the average U.S. manufacturer revenue to $21,144,713 and the overall market share to 4.05 percent of new construction starts in the U.S.


In preparing this report, there are numerous variables, adjustments, and calculations that are necessary to arrive at the final numbers.

Not all of the 252 firms engaged in commercial permanent modular construction in North America are exclusively serving the commercial sector. Several also manufacture single-family residential modules or relocatable (temporary) products.

Another challenge is that some manufacturers are engaged in three-dimensional volumetric modular construction while others are primarily two-dimensional panelized factories, making comparisons and calculations difficult.

MBI is also aware of multiple PMC projects that were fabricated by companies outside North America and incorporated into projects here. While the value of these projects is most likely captured in the overall new construction starts (baseline measurement), MBI did not attempt to include this production and revenue data for purposes of this report. MBI included only revenue and production data from North American manufacturers.

Using the averages provided by the MBI survey and manufacturers input of data, it is possible to estimate certain information about the industry as a whole. The calculated information is reliable only to the extent the data provided by the industry participants is accurate.

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