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Permanent Modular Construction Annual Report 2019 | Modular Building Institute

Key Takeaways

The industry drove approximately nine billion dollars in construction activity in 2018.

Estimated market share for PMC in key North American markets is approximately 3.67 percent up from 3.27 percent in 2017.

Estimated market share for U.S. is approximately 4.05 percent of new construction starts based on 207 manufacturers.

Estimated market share for Canada is 3.60 percent based on 45 manufacturers.

Overall permanent modular construction production grew by 12.8 percent in 2018 based on state labeling information.

Overall average revenue per manufacturer grew from $18,325,759 in 2017 to $19,615349 in 2018.

Companies modifying shipping containers for use as permanent building components were included in the 252 North American firms in this report.

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