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October 2020 Government Affairs Update | Modular Building Institute

October 2020 Government Affairs Update

Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation

MBI has continued to work with CMHC over the past two years to promote the use of modular and create funding guidelines for modular projects. CMHC recently announced their Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) that will dedicate $1 billion for affordable housing throughout Canada. All new construction is specified to be built using modular only! Applications for funding must be completed by December 31, 2020 and will be dispersed by March 31, 2021. We recommend members that are interested in these projects to contact the affordable housing departments as soon as possible in the areas receiving the funding.

MBI completed a call with CMHC leadership on October 29, 2020 and have agreed to work together with their RHI team to help them understand the disbursement of funding for modular projects versus site built structures. We continue to work with CMHC’s leadership to create a funding toolkit similar to the Fannie Mae toolkit. This is an unprecedented opportunity for the modular industry in Canada!

New York City's Affordable Housing Plan

Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced an acceleration of capital funding for the city’s affordable housing plan. Through the Housing New York plan and the newly created Where We Live NYC initiative Mayor de Blasio has set aside funding of $1.4 billion for affordable housing to be completed by 2026.

NYC Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development, Vicki Been, will be leading this initiative. MBI is working with our New York lobbyist to connect with city officials to promote the modular industry.


MBI has retained the services of KP Public Affairs in California to assist us with removing barriers and creating new opportunities for the modular industry.

We currently have calls scheduled with Councilman Lucas Ramirez of the city of Mountain View (home to Facebook) on Friday, November 6 and with Mayor Sam Liccardo’s Chief of Staff, Mackenzie Mossing of San Jose, who led their partnership with Google’s affordable housing campaign, on Monday November 9 to discuss opportunities to utilize modular with their building needs.

MBI’s lobbying team has also reached out to Gustavo Velasquez, Director of the California Department of Housing and Community Development, to schedule a call and discuss opportunities to partner with our industry.

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