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August 2020 Government Affairs Update | Modular Building Institute

August 2020 Government Affairs Update


On August 20 Government Affairs Director Jon Hannah-Spacagna and Executive Director Tom Hardiman had a call with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s leadership team to discuss the implementation of their commercial modular program that was passed into law in 2018, but not yet implemented. The Governor’s staff confirmed that Governor Wolf has approved the hiring of a new position to assist with the long overdue implementation of their commercial modular program, despite a hiring freeze. MBI was informed this was a top priority, so we will share new information of the phase in of this new change as we have more information.


On August 5, MBI hosted a Town Hall call with the leadership team from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). They confirmed they have implemented Virtual Remote Inspections (VRIs) and the process is working well and saving time on approving inspections.


MBI conducted a follow up call with the leadership team with the California Department of Housing and Community Development. In regards to Remote Virtual Inspections (RVIs), the department informed us that TPIAs are allowed to submit RVIs to them effective immediately. However, the department will make final approval on any virtual inspections regarding quality audit requirements. So if an RVI is used, the HCD has the right to request more information or decline it if they feel it was not a thorough inspection that is adequate for their inspection criteria.


Adaire Chown and Craig Mitchell continue to work with MBI on the varies stages of the approval process for UL2600. Both are continuing to move this forward to adoption.

Federal Guidelines Institute: Guideline for Modular Medical Facilities

Government Affairs Director Jon Hannah-Spacagna has completed a 12 week project with the Federal Guidelines Institute to develop a guideline for the construction and use of modular medical facilities during an emergency situation. This guideline is expected to be published in 2021. MBI accepted an invitation to co-sponsor the guideline and our logo will be included on the final publication. MBI would like to thank John Buongiorno and Peter Cannuscio from Axis Construction who also worked on the project committee as well as Antony Kountouris with BMarko Structures that provided a case study for the guideline.

Industry Standards

We are currently active in the development of five industry standards. Two with ICC, one with the Canada Standards Agency, one with the Facility Guidelines Institute, and the above mentioned UL2600. This work is a continuation of MBIs efforts to bring more consistency to various aspects of the industry to help grow market share. These standards are expected to be finalized and in some cases adopted next year. MBI will continue working with other organizations like the ICC to identify other areas of interest where standards can be developed.

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