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Terry Jones
Founder of Travelocity
Tuesday, March 10 | 9:00am-10:00am

In an era when technology is transforming many industries, Terry Jones says companies must foster innovation to keep up with the pace of change. Best known for founding Travelocity and serving as founding chairman of Kayak, Terry has become a powerful voice in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. He began his career as a travel agent, spent 24 years at American Airlines in marketing and information technology, and capped his career as chief information officer leading a team of six to create Travelocity. Terry served as CEO of Travelocity for seven years, transforming it into a public company with three billion dollars in travel sales. Today, Terry provides companies with eye-opening insight on the advantages of being disruptors, the business of innovation, and leadership in a wired world. While technology today is creating totally new business models, every business needs to innovate, but where do you start? In this presentation, Terry Jones will explore the fundamentals of innovation and gives leaders simple but powerful ideas they can use to create a more innovative organizations.

Anirban Basu
Economic Trends Expert | CEO & Founder of Sage Policy Group, Inc.
Wednesday, March 11th | 10:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M.

Construction Drivers & Trends in 2020

Economist Anirban Basu returns to World of Modular to offer an informative and entertaining forecast for the construction marketplace. Basu is chairman and CEO of Sage Policy Group, a consulting firm in Baltimore, MD, and is one of the most recognizable economists in and around Washington, DC. He provides policy and economic consulting for numerous clients including developers, bankers, brokerage houses, energy suppliers and law firms. He has also written several high-profile reports on construction, including MBI’s “Economic & Financial Performance of Relocatable Buildings in the US Modular Building Industry.

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Steffen Fuchs
McKinsey & Company
Thursday, March 12th | 9:00 A.M.-10:00 A.M.

Modular Construction: From Projects to Products

Shifting construction away from traditional sites and into factories could dramatically change the way we build. Will modular construction make a sustainable impact this time around? For decades, construction has lagged behind other sectors in productivity. Modular construction offers the industry an opportunity to make a step change: shifting many aspects of building activity away from traditional construction sites and into factories with off-site, manufacturing-style production. Modular construction is not a new concept, but technological improvements, economic demands, and changing mind-sets mean it is attracting an unprecedented wave of interest and investment. If it takes hold, it could give the industry a huge productivity boost, help solve housing crises in many markets, and significantly reshape the way we build today.





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Jennifer Abuzeid
Senior Director, Global Design Strategies
Marriott International

Michael Aldrich
Sales Training Expert

Todd Andrlik
Vice President

Isaac-Daniel Astrachan
Stephen B. Jacobs Group

Jack Dooley
Skystone Group

Troy Galvin
PCL Agile

Kendra Halliwell, AIA, LEED AP
Associate Principal, Practice + Design Team Leader
ICON Architecture, Inc.

Jon Hannah
Government Affairs Director
Modular Building Institute

Tom Hardiman
Executive Director
Modular Building Institute

Michael Hough
MJH Structural Engineers

John Lefkus
RAD Technology Medical Systems

Helena Lidelöw
Platform Manager

Craig Mitchell
Director, Innovative Solutions
Metric Modular

Laurie Robert
Vice President
NRB, Inc.

Greg Thompson
Skystone Group

Troy Tiddens
Modular Specialist
neUdesign Architecture

Carel van Houte
Chief Commercial Officer
Polcom Group

Salvatore Verrastro, AIA, CCS, CCA, FCSI
Spillman Farmer Architects

David Walsh
Senior Director, Project Management
Marriott International

Frank Yang
Building Technology Expert
ADL Ventures








Meredith Oliver
Marketing & Sales Expert
Meredith Communications

WOW: The 3 Secrets of High Performing Websites

Any developer or owner will eliminate you from further consideration if your website is hard to use, lacks content, and fails to make a connection. In this session, learn three secrets to supercharge your website into a lead generating machine. You will also learn how to utilize Google Analytics to monitor your website’s performance and determine return on investment.

  Digital Marketing: How to Attract Your Ideal Leads

Once you have a high performing website, it’s time to start driving traffic and generating leads. Learn how to utilize digital marketing such as Google Search and LinkedIn to drive more traffic to your website. Learn also how to measure which digital marketing channels are converting the most leads so that you spend your marketing dollars wisely.

  The Follow-Up: Convert More Prospects to Purchasers

Lead follow-up is the most critical step in your sales and marketing strategy if you want to increase return on investment. In this session, simple but effective strategies will be presented that increase your conversion rate from lead to prospect to appointment to sale. Learn how often to follow-up, how to engage cold prospects, and what communication channels are the most effective.