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Modular Industry COVID -19 Response Update 3/26/2020

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A lot of ground to cover tonight as things are moving fast. But that’s ok because this industry is built for speed!

For starters, we have beefed up the industry response page with additional resources including sample floorplans for temporary and permanent needs. We have also added other resources including how to do business with the United States Corps of Engineers (USACE). That may be important since we’ve had a good deal of communication with the Corps today.

Of immediate need, the Corps requested to know what we have now (off the shelf) to address their immediate needs. This was definitely a “what do you have” rather than a “what can you build” request. Their immediate ask for several 10 x 34 ICU units (two beds and a nurse station). We explained that it was highly unlikely that anyone has several units like this in stock now but could build these units quickly. Another option was to modify workforce housing units as a quick but temporary solution. We discussed more common size configurations for modular offices, housing units and containers. They are in the information gathering mode but appreciated our assistance and feedback. They were also happy to hear that the industry is ready and capable of building 2,000+ beds per week once we get a standard set of plans and ramp up.

We furthered our outreach with officials at FEMA and continue to exchange information with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) about modular solutions.

We dropped another press release tonight to update the general public about our efforts and to garner additional support.

Oh, and the Senate unanimously approved a $2.2 trillion relief package last night. There are billions of dollars available for construction activities scattered among several state and federal agencies. Let’s hope the House passes the bill quickly. We will post the details of that bill tomorrow.

We know that this is the modular industry’s opportunity to step up and shine, but please continue to remember the victims of this virus and the large number of “essential workers” who are currently sustaining us. And if your company is doing relatively well these days, remember the local charities in your community that may be struggling and in need of extra support.

Stay tuned and stay safe.
Started on March 26, 2020 by Tom Hardiman
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