Modular Building Institute


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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Trepuzzi, Lecce
Building Use:
Residential Unit
Gross Size of Project:
35 Square Meters
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Modus_NG is a new generation of mobile eco sustainable unit, designed to maximize the potential of living spaces, that can literally be built anywhere. It is created with components that are shipped in flat-packed boxes, to enable easier transportation and assembly. The environmental footprint of this 35 square meters modular house is very low, making it an enticing prospect for green minded tenants, owners or landlords. The interior includes a bathroom, kitchen and living area, with a separated bedroom. The innovative unit can be stacked up to six storeys in height and in infinitely expandable horizontal length by simply connecting additional units. This model is highly customizable thus allowing its residents to decide on the floor plans design, and the facade and floor elements they want to include in their apartment.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Modus_NG’s design and construction minimize energy consumption by utilizing “Energy Efficient Systems” using recyclable building materials. Off-site prefabrication helps minimize construction waste and ensure an airtight energy performance and thermal efficiency. A high-efficiency HVAC system, advanced thermal solutions and solar shading reduce cooling costs, while large glazed openings let in natural light to minimize reliance on artificial lighting. The unit is built to withstand Typhoon and Earthquakes – using “Resilient Design” strategies: steel frame structure has resistance up to 150 Km/h according to Eurocodes of wind action and to cataclysmic seismic events. The sleek and beautiful design incorporates smart home technology system already installed to control the appliances and the lights e.g. from the smart phone.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    Modus_NG is a custom, cost-effective, green modular unit, which provides high quality sustainable residential development at an affordable price point. RI's “industrialized building” system allows to produce MODUS NG in series, up to 50 modular units per month, keeping the price very competitive on the market. MODUS NG's modular structure is covered with a roof that integrates a new type of solar panel that can both produce electrical energy and thermal energy to power, heat and cool the house. The purpose of the new design is to not only to create a comfortable and sustainable house, but to reduce long-term running costs for the owner.
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