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Adi Development Group - Condominium Sales Pavilion

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
NRB Modular Solutions
Burlington, Ontario
Building Use:
Sales Pavilion
Gross Size of Project:
1696 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    ADI Development, a builder of high-end residential condominiums, wanted to replicate their unique design in a purpose-built Sales Pavilion. They needed a beautiful facility that would replicate the experience for a prospective buyer, offering the same look and feel as if they were stepping in to their stunning new home – a sense of quality without compromise. The two fully glazed walls with black anodized thermally broken frames and have insulated glass panes with Low E coating on two faces, argon filled spaces and warm edge spacers – all to meet Ontario’s most stringent energy code. The kitchen space replicates the features of all of the amenities a buyer could expect. Using a series of bulkheads, drop ceilings with drywall, taped filled and painted, various levels of lighting were installed for display purposes. NRB created the exterior architectural aluminum wall panels, with angles and projections for contrast while meeting transport restrictions for future relocation.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The building is constructed with a structural steel frame and includes a pre-poured concrete floor in a composite steel deck for optimal durability and sound deadening. The three-module building was installed on a concrete pier foundation in an excavated area, so that the sidewalks could be brought up to the finished floor level, eliminating any sense and appearance of relocatability by offering a grade level entry. The building had all the roof insulation placed on deck, leaving the ceiling cavity free for installation of any wiring, ductwork, lighting etc. while helping to keep the interior ceiling as high as possible without jeopardizing the ability to relocate.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    ADI being a builder themselves, very well understood the advantage of time. They needed the sales center open as quickly as possible to begin selling condominiums so it was designed by NRB using a 3D modelling program, and built while the site was being developed. Once the permits were obtained and foundations were in, the building was ready to go. Time to market is key in the retail world, as is the “wow” factor of their pavilion appearing instantly to be set on foundations in less than a day. Final interior finishes were completed and the furnishings installed all ready to meet the official opening deadline which saw record crowds and lots of media coverage. Designed to be easily moved and repurposed again when this development is completed, the building still had to meet Ontario’s stringent building and energy codes, making it more cost effective to operate.
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