Modular Building Institute

Pardee Homes - Encanto Sales Office

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Pac-Van, Inc.
Advanced Modular Mfg
Las Vegas, Nevada
Building Use:
Home Sales Office
Gross Size of Project:
1440 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    This single-story 24’x60’ building has a stucco exterior finish and two entrances that can be accessed from either side of the corner lot. Each entrance has large self-supporting wood awnings that offer shade and also add architectural embellishment. Custom landscaping enhances the exterior to help create a sense of a traditional site built structure. An inviting, open sales space greets visitors and offers a place to view collateral and to plan. Two private offices, one ADA compliant restroom and a storage room complete the floor plan. The paint throughout the building is a neutral color but a stone wall with the development’s logo and splash of bright blue greets visitors as they enter the space. Other interior design features include wood flooring and coordinating carpet in various textures. Additional glass windows were added to allow natural light to flow throughout the space. The tegular tile ceiling has recessed lighting and helps to create a warm and welcoming space.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Pardee Homes wanted an open space for customers. We concealed posts by using beams that spanned the modline. This allowed for open space and was not only innovative but also a cost effective solution. In order to accommodate a door on the building’s modline, we had to move the end posts back so that the roof still received the necessary support. The recessed interior ceiling lighting incorporates a sophisticated system that bathes the walls and wall features with light. Free standing porticos enhance the building’s exterior architecturally without being permanent and are functional in offering shade. Entry at ground level through a grade, pit set system helped to keep costs down and allowed for easier access to all customers.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    By utilizing a used building, we were able to deliver Pardee Homes a sales space quickly and also helped to keep their costs down. We began our project by gutting a 24’x60’ standard fleet modular building. Once gutted, we created and open area by using concealed posts and beams that span the modline. This offered an open floor plan in an area that would normally have posts. An ADA compliant restroom and small storage/break room were also added. In order to accommodate the customer’s desire for an open and bright space the ceiling was raised to a 9’ height and windows were added to the exterior. The building was rewired to allow for custom lighting. Glass doors to the private offices allow for either privacy or natural light.
  4. Project History
    This building was in our lease fleet for several years and, as such, was leased for many different uses. Historically it has been used as administrative, classroom and sales office space. Pardee Homes reached out to us looking for long-term sales office space. We chose this building because it had a higher ceiling capability than any other unit on hand and would be less costly to renovate. Pac-Van offered our support services to re-wire the building meeting the challenges of the electrical plan designed by Pardee Homes.
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