Modular Building Institute

Huston Tillotson University- Sandra Joy Anderson Community Health and Wellness Center

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Black Diamond Group
Ramtech Building Systems, Inc.
Austin, Texas
Building Use:
Health, Wellness and Admin Offices
Gross Size of Project:
14700 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    The onsite campus location selected by Huston Tillotson for their new building came with many challenges. Preservation of aesthetics with an adjacent historic dormitory building, demolition of two existing structures, protection of large trees, major utility relocations and an 8 foot variance in topography all played a hand in how the building was designed, installed and completed. Built in various widths and lengths, this 19 module building was fabricated to meet the square footage required by the University. BOXX Modular designed an L-shape building solution that met the square footage requirements while protecting the existing Heritage trees. Cantilevered concrete walkways elevated above the ground, spandrel glass, masonry exteriors and custom shade structures were strategically designed to comply with strict regulatory mandates but also to ensure the successful integration of the new building with its historic and storied neighbors.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The centerpiece of the project site was a Heritage Tree as defined by the City of Austin. Construction affecting the tree, especially its root zone was prohibited. This created a challenge since one of the building’s main entries was located over the root zone. BOXX Modular used innovation with its module frame design for several units. The module frames of specific units were extended beyond the building’s footprint to provide a cantilevered, “floating” support for the walkway to that specific entry. Floor to ceiling glazing was provided on over 40% of the building’s two main elevations and provided a minimum Visible Transmittance (VT) of 0.60. Solar shade structures were installed on over 50% of the building’s two main elevations to meet site development requirements and to reduce interior thermal gains. The glazing creates interest of pedestrians by connecting them to the building interior and exterior while the shade structures offer pedestrians connectivity to nearby sites.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    Project sites with a drastic grade differential typically require the use of expensive cranes and rigging for placement of modules onto the foundation. BOXX Modular directed the final foundation design such that alternative installation methods could be used for the placement of the modules, without the need of an expensive crane. Careful staging, proper delivery sequencing and unique structural applications allowed BOXX Modular to set all 19 units with the last module approximately 8’ above grade without the use of a crane, saving the client thousands of dollars. Using the engineering talents of the module manufacturer for the broad HVAC and electrical systems of the building, BOXX Modular provided additional savings to the client. The quantity of air handlers and electrical panels was reduced allowing the modules to arrive on site with MEP nearly 95% complete. The required site work to make the final connections was significantly reduced resulting in a cost effective solution.
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