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January 2022 Government Affairs Report

Washington State

MBI continues to work with the leadership team in Washington’s Labor and Industries Department. They are just one more plan reviewer away from being back at full staff within the department.

Third Party agencies have cranked up their work with plan reviews and members have reported the department is making significant progress to get plan reviews back up to normal timelines.

MBI will continue to discuss making the use of third party agencies a permanent part of their program by adopting ANSI 1205. The Emergency Order issued by the department on December 20 ends in April, so the MBI team will continue to work with L&I leadership to be sure their processes continue to provide timely plan reviews and inspections.

New York

Senate Bill 4738 has been filed by Senator Ramos which would require “constant supervision” of a licensed city official, regardless of where the structure is being manufactured.

Even though the bill only references 6+ story buildings, we expect the bill language to change if/when it is moved to the Assembly. The MBI team along with our NY retained lobbyist, Claudia Granados, is already working with leadership in both houses as well as with state and NYC leadership to kill this bill for a third year.

MBI/ICC are working with the NY Department of State to consider adoption of ANSI 1205, which would allow for the use of third party inspection agencies. We’ve had two calls and plan to have another in the next few weeks. They are open to this change and have asked for MBI/ICC to work with them as they are in the adoption phase of new administrative rules and new IBC codes.


MBI Government Affairs Director, Jon Hannah-Spacagna, has been asked to serve as an advisory member with the Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes to consider adoption of ANSI 1200 and 1205, which would provide more efficiencies within their modular program, while also allowing for the use of third party inspection agencies. The Advisory Committee has their first call in February.


Leadership with the Colorado Division of Housing has asked MBI Government Affairs Director to work with their leadership team as the look to restructure their program and make it more efficient. We have already discussed utilizing electronic plan submissions and third party inspection agencies.


MBI and ICC are working with the Department of Labor and Licensing to adopt ANSI 1205 to use third party inspection agencies. MBI has coordinated a call for January 27 with the MD leadership team as well as modular program leadership from Virginia, California and Texas to share their positive experiences in utilizing third party agencies and how they regulate them.


MBI continues to have discussions with the Governor’s office on an initiative to use shipping containers and our industry to address affordable housing. MBI is also in discussions with the Department of Housing and Community Development to recruit new modular manufacturing facilities to the state to build affordable housing. Both of these initiatives are moving slowly, but are still alive as part of the states long-term plans to address their housing crisis.

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