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MBI Offers Portables Toolkit

MBI has created its own toolkit of materials to help provide information about the purchase process. The toolkit specifically covers the 5 C's for planning an optimal learning environment with a temporary building that has already been built to code:
>CONSIDER your responsibility
>CHOOSE wisely
>COORDINATE for success
>CONTINUE proper maintenance
>COMMUNICATE before and after

You can download a pdf of the toolkit. In addition to providing this toolkit to MBI members, it is being made available to any parent, teacher, school district administrator, or facility planner that would like to use it in preparing to purchase or lease portable classrooms. MBI has also provided this issue brief to both legislators and interested parties concerning Indoor Air Quality in relocatable classrooms: Indoor Air Quality in Relocatable Classrooms

MBI advocates manufacutrers to build new units according to the CHPS Best Practices manual for Relocatable Classrooms. According to Building Design+Construction Magazine (June 2009), "Incorporated in 2002 as an independent entity, CHPS today has more than 225 member organizations, and CHPS design criteria have been adopted in some form by 11 states: California, Connecticut, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, and Washington." Get the CHPS Best Practices manual for Relocatable Classrooms.

Other MBI Resources:

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Other Resources MBI Recommends:

EPA Indoor Air Quality Program Resources:
EPA Healthy School Environment Resources: Portable Classrooms

CHPS Program, California:
Collaborative for High Performance Schools Resources
Relocatable Classroom Specifications
Relocatable Commissioning Checklist

Remedies for Reducing Formaldehyde in Schools
Recommendations of the California Air Resources Board and Department of Health Services March 2002:

National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities (NCEF):
NCEF Assessment Guide Portable Classrooms (safety checklist)

Lessons Learned in Portable Classrooms

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