Modular Building Institute

Social Media Sites for Modular Construction Provide Valuable Networking Opportunities

The Modular Building Institute (MBI) now offers modular construction forums for online networking and discussions, providing a common online space for industry people to connect and collaborate with one another. The social networking sites will help you:

• Network online with industry professionals
• Discuss current issues facing the industry
• Share best practices, ideas and solutions
• Show your support for the industry!

MBI offers:

LinkedIn “Modular Building Interest Group”
Facebook “Modular Construction” fan page
Twitter “Modular Building Institute” page
Discussion Forum on   

About the MBI Discussion Forum
MBI's new discussion forum provides frequent commentary and news and insights surrounding the industry. It also gives readers the ability to leave comments in an interactive format.
The new forum already includes some interesting news and topics such as a TV story on a green modular building at the University of Virginia, a high-rise modular building in the UK, and video about an upscale modular town center in Ohio that includes retail, restaurants, and apartments.
Social Media is Bigger Than You Think
Statistics show that social media is here to stay. According to Facebook, Inc. and LinkedIn, Inc., its social media sites are growing at a rapid rate with over 300 million and 50 million active users respectively. Also, according to, as of October 2009, Twitter experienced user growth of 200 percent over 2008 statistical data, now measuring 18 million active users per month.
A video by Erik Qualman on also shows how popular social media is and states that it is the biggest shift since the industrial revolution. View the video here.
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