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December 19, 2006
Contact: Tom Hardiman
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United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Award-Winning Portable Placed in MA

Modular Building Institute Members
Offer Sustainable Portables to Education Market

Charlottesville, VA - The Modular Building Institute (MBI) announced today that its members' award-winning, sustainable classroom design has been manufactured and was placed on November 29 at the Carroll School in Lincoln, MA. The eco-friendly classroom was produced by MBI members Triumph SmartSpace of Littleton, MA and NRB, Inc. of Ephrata, PA. From start to finish, this new educational space took only six weeks to build, and five days to install onsite.

Named SmartSpace, the sustainable, portable classroom design was recognized in April 2006 by the jointly sponsored United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and Montgomery County, MD, Portable Classroom Design Challenge. MBI dealer and manufacturer members, Triumph SmartSpace and NRB, Inc., in collaboration with ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge, of Cambridge, MA walked away with first-place recognition for their eco-friendly portable design. Because market demand has been so great for sustainable spaces, the design went from conception to manufacture and placement just months after winning the competition.

SmartSpace builds on all the best features of modular design and incorporates building practices that count as points in the LEEDS certification program which recognizes a variety of green technologies in new buildings. Schools and students benefit from the SmartSpace module as construction takes about half the time of a traditionally built classroom. SmartSpace incorporates a superior building design envelope for improved thermal resistance, optimal day lighting, energy conservation, and improved indoor air quality. SmartSpace was brought to market in an effort to provide sustainable space solutions--in a condensed time-frame--to over-crowded school districts. The modular feature of the space helps schools meet critical needs as they expand either on a temporary or permanent basis.

"My thanks to Anja Caldwell of the Montgomery County Public School system, and the USGBC for challenging the modular industry to raise standards through offering a sustainable modular design that meets the growing demand for green buildings," said Cliff Cort, President of Triumph SmartSpace. Tom Hardiman, Executive Director of MBI adds, "The manufacture and placement of this SmartSpace so quickly following the USGBC award demonstrates our industry's commitment to getting kids into safe and sustainable spaces in the shortest timeframe possible. The demand for stylish, accelerated, and sustainable spaces is going to grow and our members are poised to meet the need."

About MBI

Founded in 1983, the Modular Building Institute is an international nonprofit trade association representing commercial modular building manufacturers and distributors with membership in over 850 locations and 15 countries including the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, and the United Kingdom. Members serve seven primary markets: general office, education, retail, healthcare, government, security, and construction-site. For more information, visit

About SmartSpace

Two leaders in their respective industries have come together to provide innovative and responsible modular solutions to meet today's market needs of efficiency, sustainability and effectiveness. Triumph SmartSpace and NRB, Inc., in collaboration with Architectural Resources in Cambridge, MA took first place for the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) 2006 Design Competition for a pre-fabricated classroom unit. From that success, they have focused their efforts on extending this award-winning space to additional classroom and commercial opportunities nationwide. Additional applications for SmartSpace will include the biotech and medical industries. To learn more about Triumph SmartSpace and NRB, Inc. visit:



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