Modular Building Institute

MBI Educational Foundation, Inc. & MBI Canadian Foundation

Partners in Education Needed

The Modular Building Institute Educational Foundation (MBIEF) and Modular Building Institute Canadian Foundation (MBICF) are establishing partnerships with institutions of higher learning in North America to help educate the rising generation of professionals about the benefits of modular construction. We have received interest from professors of architecture, engineering, and construction management, but need members to sponsor the various proposed partnerships.

Partnerships range from $2,500 to $10,000 per year, and educational benefits to the school include scholarships, instructional support, in-kind donations and travel to World of Modular.

If your company would like to consider a partnership with a regional school, please contact Steven Williams: email.

More Details about the PIE Program

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University Program Industry partner
Current Partnerships    
University of Alberta Hole School of Engineering
Virginia Tech Center for Design Research
University of Utah School of Architecture
Cal Poly Pomona College of Environment Design
Pratt Institute School of Architecture
Partners Needed    
Clemson University School of Architecture  
Clemson University School of Construction Management  
NC State School of Architecture  
Catholic University School of Architecture  
Philadelphia University College of Architecture  
Temple University School of Architecture  
University of Nebraska College of Architecture  
Kansas State School of Architecture  
Texas A&M School of Architecture  
Boston Architectural College School of Architecture  
University of Toronto School of Architecture  


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