Modular Building Institute

2013 Outstanding Achievement Recipient
Marty Mullaney

Marty Mullaney has been the President of Satellite Shelters for 10 years and not coincidentally, Satellite just celebrated its 10th year anniversary with MBI.
Marty served on the MBI Executive Committee and as MBI Board President in 2009-2010, and also served as the chair of the nominations committee and past presidents’ council.

He’s a regular at MBI events, encouraging others to participate and allowing other Satellite employees to be actively involved, including our treasurer for the past 2 years. 

Marty is known by his friends as loyal, personable, generous, fun loving and a good family man. According to one peer:  He enjoys golf, Scrabble, chicken tortilla soup, and light beer. Marty loves the art of the deal and is a great negotiator. Marty is respected by his friends, colleagues, suppliers and competitors.  True to his Irish heritage, Marty is also a great story teller.

As another one of Marty’s peers said:
“I think the greatest business strength Marty has as a manager is his ability to build ‘teams.’ This is because he has great skills with making his people feel a part of something much bigger and more important than themselves. He has the most loyal personnel of anyone I have ever known in business.”

And from MBI's perspective, we can say that Marty’s steady leadership style was greatly appreciated while many companies in the industry struggled through difficult economic times.

As a demonstration of our industry’s gratitude for his service to the association, MBI is pleased to congratulate Marty Mullaney of Satellite Shelters as MBI’s 2013 Outstanding Achievement Award winner. 

For information on MBI's Outstanding Achievement Awards, click here.

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