Modular Building Institute

    2011 Outstanding Achievement Recipient

After graduating from Salisbury University in Maryland, Mike Wilmot began his modular building career in 1983 when he worked for Mobile Offices of Maryland. By the mid 1980’s he was selling and leasing large modular building projects for Waste Management and in 1989, Mike started Wilmot Modular Structures with his partner and wife, Kathy. They have now been married 28 years with Chris and Kevin, their sons, both working in their businesses.  They have focused on strategically managing Wilmot for steady growth over the last 22 years and have been the recipient of 19 National Awards of Distinction with the MBI.
Adhering to the tenet that a good company is made greater by the collective reputation of its industry, Mr. Wilmot encourages his team to be pro-active participants in organizations like the Modular Building Institute. He served on the MBI Board from 2000-2004, was Chairman of the MBI Seal Program during those four years and at one time served as the chair of the Educational Foundation helping to research green initiatives for modular construction, outreach programs to architects and the economic life cycles of modular buildings. He currently is one of the trustees of that Foundation.
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