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MBI and BD+C Modular Advantage | Spring 2010

Gen7 Green Classroom Provides Optimal
Learning Environment

Method of Construction:

Construction Type:

Time On-Site: 60 days

Size: 280 square feet

Percentage Completed in Factory: 80-90%

Modular Builder:
American Modular Systems

Benefits Include:
-Cost savings up to 30%
-Fast and easy intallation
-Flexible, scalable design
-Healthy learning environment
-Low maintenance
-Grid-neutral system
-DSA piggyback approval   

American Modular Systems (AMS) recently debuted Gen7 – its line of green indoor learning environments – at the Green California School Summit and Expo this December. 

The schools offer a range of time-, money- and energy-saving features and provide a safe, healthy, eco-friendly, low-maintenance environment that fosters optimal learning potential. With versatile designs to fit existing campus environments or architectural specifications, Gen7 helps schools fulfill their modernization and expansion needs quickly and affordably, while providing direct and permanent long-term cost savings. In addition, because of AMS’s innovative manufacturing processes, Gen7’s self contained classroom solutions are delivered 90 percent complete and installed in as little as a few days and with minimal jobsite disruption.

 “Gen7 empowers communities to create healthy, sustainable schools that will benefit students for generations,” said Tony Sarich, vice president of operations for American Modular Systems. “Green schools enjoy 20 percent higher test scores, fewer absences, lower healthcare costs and higher teacher retention. In addition, these schools benefit from up to $100,000 per year in direct cost savings and long-term savings of more than 30 percent.”

Among the highlights of these grid-neutral classrooms are their high recycled and recyclable materials content, low and zero-VOC interiors, state-of-the-art acoustical design, energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems, and smart lighting system with integrated daylight harvesting features. In addition, Gen7 has California Department of the State Architect approval. Piggyback-able and with PC approval, Gen7 saves time and money in the procurement process, which can take as little as 90 days from order to installation. At 280 per sq. ft., it’s the cutting edge of greenness for a modular building.

View videos and find more information about Gen7 here.  

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