Financing Options

When every dollar counts, MBI members offer a wide variety of custom financing options including purchase and lease plans to suit your needs.

Outright Purchase
An outright purchase of your new modular building eliminates interest payments and gives you maximum tax advantage with regard to building depreciation. Highly customized buildings are much more common with permanent ownership.

Renting modular buildings for equipment and storage, security and control, or for any other reason satisfies short-term needs quickly and inexpensively. Often, MBI members rent modular buildings for as little as one month.

Operating Lease
An operating lease allows you to pay a set monthly or annual fee for a building during the term of a lease. It is a very common and economical way to lease modular buildings, especially for temporary use. There is typically no transfer of ownership at the end of an operating lease.

Finance Lease
A finance lease allows you to purchase your new modular building over a period of time. In addition, ownership is transferred to you at the end of the lease term. Each monthly payment has both principle and interest components. This type of lease often provides significant tax benefits and eliminates the need to tie up credit lines.

Municipal Lease
Municipal leases also offer ownership after the last payment. Other benefits include tax-exempt financing and lower payments. Municipal leases are a common financing option for government agencies and public and private schools. Payments can be made monthly quarterly, or annually and can be structured to meet your available cash flow.

Lock into a predetermined purchase price with the lease-to-purchase option, where the flexibility of upgrading or returning buildings is often built into the lease. Typical lease-to-purchase terms are one to five years.