Modular Building Institute
MBI - Company Types Definitions
Companies engaged in leasing, renting, or selling commercial modular structures. 
Companies engaged in manufacturing commercial modular structures. 
Companies engaged in both manufacturing and leasing, renting, or selling commercial modular structures 
Supplier of Materials
Companies engaged in the manufacturing or distribution of equipment/materials to regular members. 
Supplier of Services
Companies engaged in the distribution of services to regular members. 
Financial Institution
Companies engaged in providing financial underwriting to regular members. 
Other includes: 
Design Professional
architect firm, engineering firm. 
Developer or Contractor
a person or business entity that contracts for completing a construction project usually involving the use of subcontractors. 
Government Agency
any administrative unit of government, including Federal, State and Local Agency and colleges and Universities 
all the media and agencies that print, broadcast, or gather and transmit news, including newspapers, newsmagazines, radio and television news bureaus, and wire services. 
One who is enrolled or attends classes at a school, college, or university. 
One who is not associated with a company (ex: Retired, Academic) 
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