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News About the Commercial Modular Construction Industry | Summer 2013 

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Seattle’s Best Coffee Opens 10 Prefab Stores in One Day

Using prefab to accelerate construction and increase efficiency, Seattle’s Best Coffee opens 10 drive-thru locations in Texas – all on the same day. >> More


Firms Using Modular Construction Report Increased Levels of Safety

A recent report from McGraw Hill Construction suggests a connection between safety and the use of prefab and modular construction. >> More

Modular Passive House Dorm Drastically Lowers Energy Consumption for University

When Emory and Henry University in Virginia wanted to save energy costs on student housing, they combined modular construction with passive house design to construct Hickory Hall. >> More

October Modular Construction Summits Slated for Vancouver and Los Angeles

With curiosity about modular construction at an all-time high, MBI will co-host Modular Construction Summits with BCIT and Cal Poly Pomona on October 2 and 4. >> More





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