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MBI and BD+C Modular Advantage | Summer 2011

Modular Building Rises High with
19-Story Dorm in UK

The UK is the world leader in high-rise modular construction, and Futureform is undertaking one of the tallest modular buildings at 19 stories in Wembley. The project, for client Victoria Hall is a student residence with over 438 student rooms.

The project is also a ‘first’ in terms of the size of the modules which are exceptionally large, being around 16m’s long and 3.8m’s wide. Internally they generally consist of two fully fitted out bedrooms with en-suite shower room at each end with a twin corridor in the middle section. At the end of each “Wing” of the building there is a fully fitted out living room and kitchen.

The striking new building is split into three wings around a central spiral-shaped tower. It features buildings at different heights to respond to neighboring lower residential and commercial buildings and nearby amenities. Two of the wings are designed to be partially clad in blue cladding panels complimenting the main cladding in silver. Biomass boilers are incorporated within a central plant room. Features include a double-height entrance, a launderette, management offices and extensive bicycle parking. Two landscaped amenity areas-one for gatherings and one for a quiet garden-provide ample space for residents to enjoy the outdoors.

Production assembly of the modules at Futureform’s Wellingborough plant commenced in August 2010. The construction of the cores and podium had started in July and the modules were installed on site over a 15 week period from the end of September 2010. In this way, the construction of the cores and installation of the modules could be carried out in parallel. Each wing consisted of 10 modules per floor, which enables 3-4 floors to be installed per week. The project is scheduled to be completed in August 2011, which leads to a saving of over 6 months relative to site-intensive construction.

From a sustainability point of view, it was estimated that on-site waste was reduced by 90% and the deliveries of materials to site was reduced by over 70%. The number of site operatives and their facilities were also dramatically reduced. Modules were installed by a 6 man team over a 4 month period.

The project was also designed by O’Connell East Architects the design team for the 25-story high-rise in Wolverhampton, England, the world’s tallest modular building. Find more information on the project here.
Both projects will be part of a special UK tour of modular factories and high-rises hosted by the Modular Building Institute October 9-11. For more information, click here.



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