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Modular Industry COVID-19 Update: FAQs and Don’ts and Dos

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As we enter another week of remotely responding to the COVID-19 crisis, I find myself answering similar questions from many of you, and that’s ok. MBI wants to be responsive to our members questions and concerns. But it occurred to me that it might be easier for us to come up with a list of frequently asked questions and “Don’ts” and “Dos.”

DON’T – Over promise and under deliver. You cannot build a hospital in 10 days like they did in China so don’t go there.

DO – Share accurate information about how quickly you can deliver space and what your capacity is.

DON’T – Ask us to send your company sales piece to USACE, FEMA or other government contacts. We have 420 members and they will quickly lose interest.

DO – Send MBI your corporate brochure and capabilities as we are trying to post as many of those as possible to our crisis response page.

DON’T – Send us your brochure if you are not a MBI member or considering joining MBI. We are, after all a membership-based organization. If you don’t want to support our industry efforts, don’t expect us to support your corporate interests. You can’t even shop at Costco without a membership.

DON’T - Post your ads on our LinkedIn page assuming some government agency will suddenly issue you a contract after seeing it. We’re just going to delete it.

DON’T - Promote all your buildings in your fleet as “medical facilities” if they are classrooms, offices, or retail spaces.

DO - Be transparent about what you have and what the end user will need to do to convert that space.

DON’T - Expect any government agency to find your information on your website and call with an order. They have purchasing requirements such as obtaining a DUNS number and SAM registration at a minimum. Look into their requirements and follow them.

DO – Stay positive, be helpful, be nice! We’re facing some challenging times, but at least you are working, and we have an opportunity to be part of the solution.


Q: Has the government ordered any units from the industry yet?

A: To our knowledge, there has not been a large, federally coordinated purchase of any magnitude. But most certainly, many state and local government agencies have reached out to local providers for temporary space needs.

Q: Is MBI talking to anyone in the government about using modular construction.

A: Every day. There are so many contacts within each government agency, but we have focused our immediate efforts on the USACE, FEMA, and HUD as well as outreach to state and provincial leaders.

Q: Where can I stay aware of the latest industry developments?
A: We are sharing industry updates on this discussion forum multiple times a week. We also cross post to our LinkedIn Group.

Stay tuned and stay safe.
Started on March 30, 2020 by Tom Hardiman
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